Total Computer Care Missoula is happy to announce that fixing the “January 1st 1970” bug currently affecting the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is now TCC’s first specialty repair service! ($65)

Want to skip the explanation and just get this fixed? Call 600-3222 or Contact us another way.

What’s the problem?

Put simply, if you were to set the current date to January 1st 1970 on a vulnerable device, it would immediately become severely “soft bricked”, a state in which the device is functionally broken due to a severe software issue. Since iTunes cannot detect the iPhone or iPad in this state, there is no way a consumer can fix this with software. The official advice from Apple will most likely be, as always, to visit an Apple Store for a repair session if the device is within warranty. However, the nearest official Apple Store is 168 miles outside of Missoula, in Spokane Washington.

Who is affected?

Anyone with an Apple iDevice newer than the iPhone 5 (5S and above), running on any version of iOS. (as of Feb. 2016)

How can this be fixed?

Thankfully, it has been discovered that resetting an internal hardware connection in the device can fix this problem, a service Total Computer Care is able to safely perform. This is the official repair method that is being instructed to Apple Store technicians, so put down the suitcase, you can now get the same thing done locally in Missoula Montana!

Whether you have been pranked by this unfortunate bug, or if it’s more of a “curiosity killed the cat” situation, contact Total Computer Care via a call/text (600-3222), email (, or site message and we will do our very best to quickly get your device working properly again.

With Care,