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The Total Computer Care tune-up is an in-depth process that uses a variety of industry-standard programs to speed up your computer and make it consume less system resources such as hard drive space, memory, and processor usage.

Just like with an automotive tune-up, we use specialized tools to help identify and repair inefficiencies in your computer’s operation. One of the primary steps in this process includes detecting unnecessary and unwanted programs that start automatically with your computer. These start-up programs run in the background and continue to eat up your computer’s precious resources indefinitely.

Most, if not all computers can benefit greatly from a tune-up. It is even recommended that brand-new computers get a tune-up, because manufacturers commonly load a high quantity of ‘Bloatware’ onto your computer, including programs that needlessly start automatically and eat up a very high amount system resources. Many of these programs are usually “lite” or limited trial versions designed to entice new users to buy or subscribe to the full-featured versions.

Common indicators that a computer is in need of a tune-up include:

  • Computer slowing down significantly
  • Computer running hot to the touch and loud
  • Battery discharging faster than normal
  • Limited memory available warnings
  • Lots of unneeded applications filling the taskbar
  • Long boot-up times due to many unnecessary start-up programs.
  • Even after starting, Windows will be sluggish and unresponsive, taking a long time to ‘warm up’.
  • Slow file copy, move and delete, indicating that the hard drive is in need of a defrag and optimization.

Note that some of these symptoms are also indicators of a virus infection. Check out our Computer Cleanup Service for more information about our virus removal service. We will diagnose your problem for free, so don’t worry if you are not sure whether your computer needs a cleanup or tune-up.

Our normal Computer Tune-up fee is $40.00 per computer. We charge the same fee for every computer we are asked to tune-up. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will keep working for no additional cost until you are happy. We do not ask for payment until you are fully satisfied.

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