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Our Computer Cleanup service can be used to repair all types of system damage present on your computer including viruses and malware. It will also clean up all unnecessary, leftover, long-overdue cached system files, etc. that are currently wasting space on your device. Just like your home, your computer would benefit from a regular spring-cleaning.

Common symptoms of a virus or malware-laden computer in need of a cleanup:

  • Slow and unresponsive system.
  • Frequent operating system and program crashes.
  • Occasional reboots not initiated by the user.
  • Strange error messages and pop-ups.
  • General sluggishness.
  • Long boot-up and shutdown times.
  • Programs such as internet browser taking a long time to open.

*Please note that a computer free of malicious programs in need of a regular system cleaning does not always have such dramatic symptoms.

We categorize viruses and malware as system damage because they often leave misconfigured and corrupt files scattered around your system even after they are removed. Fixing this damage is an important step in our cleaning procedure that many other computer repair shops neglect to care for.

Our normal Computer Cleanup fee is $40.00 per computer. We charge the same fee for every computer we are asked to clean up, no matter how severe the infection. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will keep working for no additional cost until you are happy. We do not ask for payment until you are fully satisfied.

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