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When you have any type of computer problem or question, Total Computer Care is always here to help. Our computer repair services are fast, reliable and safe.  Our prices are also fair and low-cost compared to our competitors.

We will work with you to address all of your computer problems and concerns. Our technician is always patient, kind, and empathetic to your problems. We also use industry-standard repair methods and backup procedures. You can trust that your computer will be in good hand.

An important part of this repair service that sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on applying preventative protection. We always use industry standard diagnostics and repair procedures that are safe and will help guarantee that your problem will not reoccur after leaving our shop.

Our normal computer repair fee is $50.00 per . We offer free computer pick up and delivery for customers in Bozeman Montana.

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A “work hour” only includes time when we need to be in front of the computer. Long scans, downloads, installs or other automated tasks and are not counted in the total work time.