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Common Services Pricing & Information

Computer Repair

  • Diagnose and fix any software or hardware problems.
  • Windows & Mac desktops and laptops supported.
  • Pro-active computer repair to prevent future issues.
  • High-quality, fast and fair. Our goal is to save you money and frustration.
  • Free pick-up and delivery in Missoula Montana.
$75.00 Per Work Hour

Phone Support

  • Many problems can be fixed from the comfort of your own home.
  • Just give us a call and let us take care of the rest.
  • Windows & Mac desktops and laptops supported.
  • Many problems can be fixed in
    one work hour
  • No fee charged for unsuccessful repair.
$50.00 Per Hour

Computer Tune-up

  • Speed up your sluggish computer.
  • Diagnose and repair problematic software configuration.
  • Optimize computer for best performance.
  • Install specialized performance boosting software.
  • Trim down unneeded operating system components.
$80.00 Per Computer

Computer Cleanup

  • Make the most of your computer with a system cleanup.
  • Scan for and remove all resident viruses & malware.
  • Removal/cleanup of unwanted programs.
  • Securely delete all junk files and broken registry items.
  • Free pick-up and delivery in Missoula Montana.
$50.00 Per Computer

Hassle-free Computer Repair and Support

Our goal is to bring the best possible computer repair and support services to Missoula Montana. The Total Computer Care support team has been praised by customers for being friendly, patient, and empathetic to your computer woes.

We Will Help Fix All Of Your Computer Problems

Whether it be software or hardware issues, big or small, we will know how to repair your computer and get it running smoothly again.

Free Computer Pick-up and Delivery in Missoula Montana

In most cases it is more efficient for us to connect your device to our diagnostics computer for scanning and repair. This will dramatically cut down on the work time and total service cost.

Need Immediate Help?

We also offer an excellent, fast and easy remote support service. Remember, there is no fee for an unsuccessful remote repair.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you're not satisfied with one of our services for any reason at all, we will keep working for no additional charge. If we cannot make you fully satisfied you will get a full refund immediately.

What are you waiting for? Call us now to get your computer fixed ASAP!
We are available to help you 10AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday. If you send us a message on the weekend we will still do our best to respond quickly.

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